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Our Programs
Intensive Outpatient Program:
Assist clients with mental health treatment, psychiatric and therapeutic services. 
The goal of this service is to increase insight about coping with the issues and prevention of relapse, providing services to children, adolescents and adults.
Psychosocial Rehabilitation
Provide clients with long term supportive opportunities to enhance their social,                     interpersonal and vocational skills in order to live successfully in the community                   through a variety of services and/or resources to meet those needs. These services are offered to adults 18 years or older.
Domestic Violence:
Provides intervention services to individuals as well as the victim who are experiencing personal/legal consequences as a result of a domestic conflict. This service is offered in individual and/or group setting to help clients to understand the cause of domestic violence and work toward changing violent, abusive or controlling behavior.
Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment:
Designed to provide clients who are expierencing problems related to drugs and alcohol use. The program includes structured psycho-educational group/individual therapy that explores the bio-psychosocial aspects of substance abuse and relapse prevention. This program offers these services for adolescents and adults.
Anger Management:
Provide groups to clients experiencing problems related to the appropriate expression of anger. (Adolescents and adults) Its not for individuals experiencing problems with violence or abuse in the intimate or marital relationship.